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        Profession, Concentration, Integrity as well as Customer First are always the consistent concept insisted by our company. It is ensured that the newest originality can be perfectly achieved by focusing on the originality concept and by absorbing the essence of eastern and western design culture. The art atmosphere of the space is further completed specifically through the aspects of furniture, lighting, soft decoration and so on. In addition, in order to improve the design level, the top domestic and overseas design experts are irregularly employed to give lectures by our company, so that we can catch up with the global design tendency.

        • 伯仁酒店設計企業精神:真誠 專業 服務 創新
          Enterprise spirit of SMY: sincerity, profession, service and innovation
        • 伯仁酒店設計企業愿望:成為中國高端室內設計的典范
          Enterprise desire of SMY: to become the model of Chinese high-end interior design  
        • 伯仁酒店設計企業宗旨:以人為本、品質第一、精益求精
          Enterprise tenet of SMY: people oriented, quality first and to

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